Welcome on the website of ARTissage Association

You will find here a lot of information about our achievements and activities, including our training courses to the art and technics of weaving.

On the page “Blog”, we give various practical information, tricks and advices related to our training, as well as examples of our clothes.

We have now prepared year 2016 and the agenda is ready. You can find it at the pages courses and workshops

A new workshop: a week-end each trimester, i.e. three week-end per year starting in december 2015. It’s a real workshop over a full year. One come to prepare his project, and go back home with his loom to weave by himself. See all the details on page workshops.

For new courses are programmed in february, june, july & august 2016

The team of ARTissage wish you a nice visit.

For more information, and if you have questions about your registration to our courses, please contact us.

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