Bringing together weaving enthusiasts

IMG_9356ARTissage was created in January 2011 in Chinon following a meeting between Betty Briand and a group of people sharing an enthusiasm for textiles, know-how and transferring skills.
The original idea: weaving provides a link between two worlds – the world of elegance and the world of skills, art and crafts.
Our project: to use our weaving looms with intelligence, skill and inventiveness to create beautiful, useful, varied and innovative fabrics – in short, fabrics which give us pleasure.
Our aim: to develop a complete and precise approach to weaving, regarding both the tool and the fabric.
Our commitment: to pay homage to the intelligence of the hands, to the meticulous and ancestral gestures of craftsmanship.

The aims of ARTissage are:

  • to promote the art and techniques of craft weaving
  • to organize courses and workshops to learn about the art and techniques of weaving
  • to help make the art and products of weaving better known

The loom: a lightweight tool that the weaver can take home

P1270426The first seven weaving looms were purchased following a fund-raising campaign. Others have been bought as the activities developed. Our looms are made in New Zealand, where weaving continues to be a vibrant and contemporary activity. They were chosen for their precision and their portability. They are lightweight and fold flat. They are 40 to 90 cm wide and have four or eight shafts.

ARTissage’s funds come from demonstrations, workshops and courses. There is a membership fee of 10 euros, which is deliberately low to keep down the cost of the activities. ARTissage has chosen not to seek any state subsidy.

A team who weave links

  • Véronique Boulay,

    Véronique Boulay Présidente d’ARTissage


    Because she knows where she wants to go.

  • Anny Vallée

    Anny Vallée Secrétaire d’ARTissage


    Because she knows exactly how to run clubs and societies and one day she will learn to weave.

  • Gilles de Laage

    Gilles de Laage Trésorier d’ARTissage


    Because he’s good at being the boss.

  • Caroline Koulikoff,

    Caroline Koulikoff Secrétaire adjointe d'ARTissage

    Assistant secretary

    Because she gives us all a boost and she will never be a weaver…

  • Catherine de Laage,

    Catherine de Laage Membre active d'ARTissage

    Active member

    Because she has a bit of time.

  • Agnès His,

    Agnès His - Membre active ARTissage

    Active member

    Because she’s an artist In short, because they make a good weave…

In short, because they make a good weave…