So that technique doesn’t become an obstacle to the pleasure of creating

ARTissage courses last for five intense days. They are held in Betty Briand’s workshop in Chinon, with up to six participants, who each define their own personal project before the start of the course.

The participants can make use of all the material and theoretical resources of the workshop (samples, thread, weaving looms, accessories, specialist books, etc.). They weave on 4-, 8- or 16-shaft table looms, or of course on a large loom with possible sectional warping.

A tailor-made programme according to level (beginner, enthusiast, experienced) and the specific needs of the participants:

  • Learning basic techniques in order to become autonomous: defining the weaving project, preparing the warp, plain or sectional beaming, winding the warp on the loom, threading the heddles and sleying the reed, creating the basic weaves –plain, serge and satin.
  • Producing samples or items: stoles, scarves, table runners, etc.
  • Learning more about a technique or a weave by studying it theoretically and by experimenting on looms with different threads – wool, cotton, linen or silk.

The type of weave that the participant wants to create (shadow weave, overshot, open weave, summer and winter weave, barleycorn weave, on single or double fabric…) are decided with the teacher before the course.

4 courses currently planned in 2016 in Chinon in the Loire Valley (37):

  • 5-day workshops, from 1st to 5th february, from 6th to 10th June, from 18th to 22th July and from 1st to 5th august.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • €377, including loom and material
  • Maximum 6 participants.
  • The mid-day meal is taken together, food provided by each participant.

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The novelty of this year: the appointments of ARTissage !

One day, one technique! A whole day to discover, explore, tease a technique. The participant come with a warp prepared on his loom * , according to the weaving structure defined and communicated in advance by Betty Briand. From 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., we alternate between theory and practice , drawing and weaving draft , personal work and interaction with the group.

New: a weekend, a technique. The same principle, but on a full weekend. Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 18pm on Saturday and from 9am to 17pm on Sunday.

Three dates:
– Saturday, 28th of November 2015 : how to make a rug
– Saturday, 12th & sunday, 13th of March 2015 : study of double weave
– Saturday, 28th of Mai 2015 : study of overshot

– € 72 for one day, €144 for two days, registration at reception of a € 50 deposit.
– Group of 4 to 6 students.
– Lunch brought by each participant, could be taken together.

* A loom is provided for those who does not have one . Then come up with the warp.

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“Tailer-made”courses :

Other 5- or 6-day courses can be arranged elsewhere in France, led by Betty Briand. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can set up special “tailor-made” courses.