With Betty Briand ARTissage, weaving becomes a way of life that unites the intelligence of hands with artistic creativity. Each creates the fabric he wants to wear or offer while enriching himself with exchanges with others who are also working on their own projects. No more than 6 people per group so that I can accompany each trainee individually.

Looking to radically transform the traditional approach of artisanal weaving in France, I replace huge looms with foldable and transportable looms that can be installed on any table.


Modern, elegant and precise looms are at the disposal of ARTisserand·e·s nomads, who can take them home and continue to weave between two training sessions.

Like an apprentice musician who keeps his instrument at hand to perform his scales, ARTisserand·e·s can continue their “range on frame”.

These looms are made in Netherlands or New Zealand where this activity persists in a lively and contemporary way. They were chosen for their accuracy and ease of transportation between the workshop and the home of trainees. From 40 to 90 cm wide, they have 4 or 8 frames. In the workshop, one can also weave on pedal looms with 1 to 1.80 m width of weaving.P1260099

The heart of my pedagogy: a little technique is necessary to learn the language of weaving and put it at the service of creation in complete freedom. The small technical deficiencies too often constitute an obstacle to creativity.


Betty Briand ARTissage

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